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"The whole production is made delightful by Walton’s wonderfully awkward, nerdy Will. Walton is a real talent to be watched – this young actor should go far. He inhabits the character to his fingertips in what is the best youth performance I have seen this year – you will see the beginning of a stellar career in Jack Walton" - Kath Stratford (Theatre Now)

"Walton plays the role extremely well. He finds the awkwardness of the character in slight movements and meticulous timing." - Carol Wimmer (Stage Whispers)

"I was utterly convinced by Walton’s doe-eyed, helpless performance, darting from hysterically high to startlingly sober"- Kate Maraschino (State of the Art)

“Walton gives Darren a juvenile innocence as a representation of a drug addled mind, damaged by an addiction to the Butterflies but he also ensures that it is clear that there are times with the 16-year-old has moments of complete clarity.” - (Broadway World)

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