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Producer Credits:

Panimo Pandemonium (Kings Cross Theatre) A festival of 16 shows & 11 developments across 2 months which programmed:

A Grain of Sand by Declan Coyle - Queen Hades Productions, 

KXT & Panimo

Sterling Silver by LJ Wilson - Tail of Tales Productions, KXT & Panimo

Mr Theatre Comes Home by Will Eno - KXT & Panimo

Lady Grey in Ever Lower Light by Will Eno - KXT & Panimo

Bitchcoin by Rosie Licence - KXT & Panimo

Cherry by  - Dollhouse Collective, KXT & Panimo

Tough Titties by Renae Valastro, Kristelle Zibara & Catherine McDonnel - KXT & Panimo

Misc Sophie Teo & Dom Purdue - KXT & Panimo

Puppets by Olivia Ruggiero - KXT & Panimo

Dumb Kids by Jacob Parker - KXT & Panimo

Playpen by Rhiarn Zarzhavsky - Dollhouse Collective, KXT & Panimo

Chef by Sabrina Mafouz- Virgin Plain Theatre, KXT & Panimo

3:33am by Anjelica Murdaca - KXT & Panimo

Much Stuff by Jess Spies & Lily Boss-Baily- KXT & Panimo

Undetermined Title by Angharad Wise - KXT & Panimo

Fledgling by Lily Hayman - Purple Tape Productions, KXT & Panimo

Developments with KXT & Panimo:

Feminazi by Laneikka Denne

Don't Walk Alone by Claire Holland

Ik Dietrik For by Diana Paola Alvarado

Come Again by Alex Tutton

The Social Body by Hamish White

A Stranger Creature by Caitlin Williams

The Laura Campbell Show by Laura Campbell

Click Snap Panic Attack by Sophie Avellino

Dark Moon by Margaret Thanos

Brothers by Shayne De Groot

Memes to an End by Jessica Rose Pearson

Other Producer Credits:


KXTeethCutting 'Fighting' - Legit Theatre Co./Panimo

KXTeethCutting 'Pomona' - Legit Theatre Co./Panimo


RoomWorks - ATYP/Nightingale/Panimo


Networking Differently - Panimo


BackDoor BookClub - Panimo


Panimo Creatives Podcast - Panimo


Australia Council Mentorship with Griffin Theatre


ATYP Board Member as Youth Chair 2022/2023


ATYP Advisor 2020 - Present

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival Judging Panel 2022

FUSE Summit Panelist on Young Leadership


Short+Sweet D&I Programming Committee 2021

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